Having the right instruments on site is important, having the right equipment to accompany your kit is essential. Our survey consumables range from marking products and survey books to tapes and two-way radios. Ensure operatives are prepared for any site challenge on the project! 

Marking Products

Marking products provide temporary or permanent marking solutions. On site or in the field, there comes a time when personnel have to identify certain points or features; make the job quicker and easier by investing in our quality products that will increase productivity and efficiency. 

Our self-adhesive targets have a sticky back which is essential for monitoring work where the target must remain in a fixed position for a long time. These targets come in a variety of sizes to cater to all requirements, and they are compatible with most EDMs.

We also supply and stock a wide range of spray paints that are suitable for permanently marking virtually all types of surface. The paint is a blend of resins solvents and colour pigment designed to cover with one application, and they are perfectly ideal for either hand spot marking or applicator use for line marking. Use the paint both indoors and out, it is surface dry in 20 - 30 minutes and completely cured in 24 hours!

For the more permanent solution, try out our Tornado Hilti Nails which come in a variety of sizes to suit the necessary task. The nails are Ideal for road, steel, concrete and sandstone surfaces, the domed 26mm Tornado Hilti Nails come complete with a steel support washer and can be driven into hard surfaces by hand or with a nail gun quickly and conveniently.

Survey Books

Chartwell Survey Books are an essential site accessory and are created to the highest specification. Manufactured by Tollit & Harvey, Chartwell produce a range of survey books including field books, dimension books, level books and mining transit books. Containing around 50% rag bond paper with high cotton linters content, they are tough providing good strength and tear resistance, even when wet. It retains this strength and its writing surface when dried after being subjected to adverse site or weather conditions.


Designed for on-site conditions, our measuring tapes are sturdy and water resistant. The range includes pocket tapes, doughnut tapes, open frame tapes and closed case tapes with options for either fibreglass tape or steel nylon coated tape depending upon product.

The fiberglass tape is waterproof, dirt resistant and washable. Made of non-woven PVC coated fibreglass, the tape is graduated in cm with a sturdy hook ring forming part of the measure and 13mm blade width.

The steel pocket tape is ideal for all measuring jobs, with simple and clear printing that makes this tape very easy to read. With varying lengths, the option of metric or imperial measurement, and a rubber gripped case, our steel tapes are well-suited to all site conditions.

Two-way Radios

Good communication on site is paramount. Work gets done faster, efficiently, and most importantly – safely.  Thanks to their compact design, these robust radio transceivers are ideally suited for use in facility management, hospitality, production area, retail trade, education system and construction.

The HYT TC-446S License Free Portable Radio combines state-of-the-art technology with user-friendly design, providing you with an ideal choice for management efficiency. Hyteria is a leading provider of professional wireless communication equipment, and the HYT TC-446S is no exception.  Offering an excellent performance at an affordable price, this is the perfect solution for quality radio communication.

The ProTalkTK-3301 offers abundant capacity for multiple channels or radio systems with clear and crisp enhanced audio and keeps on going for as long as 20 hours per charge. With its compact dimensions and light yet robust aluminium die-cast chassis, this powerful transceiver is effortless to carry and operate making it among the top choices for building sites and small scale radio communications networks.


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