The niche compact system offers a solution where other systems are not viable, offering users the ability to access confined spaces where space and height is particularly restricted. With the system’s built-in mast that provides a reach of up to 61cm and its different combination of components, the viable versatility of the XTIRPA Compact Davit Arm Trench System is unmatched, adapting for use in a wide diversity of confined spaces.

The perfect answer for work in areas that require regular set-up and tear-down and where a base can be affixed to an existing structure, the XTIRPA Compact Davit Arm Trench System is ideal for a vast range of applications including Water Treatment Works, Pump Houses, Filter Replacement and Works Waste. This personal protection equipment assists users by acting as a support structure or anchor for use in fall protection, work positioning and rescue within confined spaces.

Transportation and set-up of the system is extremely straight-forward and can even be built by one person. Its distinguishable design and colouring ensures greater visibility in the work area, and due to the unit’s compact size, the system can be easily stored. The systems comes complete with the   61 cm Fixed Davit Arm with built-in Mast, Adjustable Barrel Adaptor, Sala Fall Arrest and Sala Man Rider Brackets.


Davit Arm Specification

Maximum Working Capacity: 164 kg

Weight: 23 kg

Length: 61 cm

Width: 12 cm

Height: 152 cm

Material: Aluminium

Bearing Ring: Bronze

Hardware: Zinc Plated Steel / Stainless Steel

Pulley: Black Acetal

Lanyard: Nylon Covered Stainless Steel Cable

Finish: Security Yellow

Sala Fall Arrest Winch Length: 25 m

Man Riding Winch Length: 30 m

Man Riding Capacity: 136 kg

Adjustable Wall Adapter Specification

Maximum Working Capacity: 164 kg

Adjustable Reach: 5 cm - 27 cm

Weight: 23 kg

Structure: Aluminium

Sleeve Bearing: PVC Pipe

Hardwear: Zinc Plated Steel

Clamping Rod: Zinc Plated Steel

Reinforcement Plates: Zinc Plated Steel

Pin: Stainless Steel

Lanyard: Nylon Covered Stainless Steel Cable


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