Cable Avoidance

Cable Avoidance Tools help to locate buried cables and other services, often used before digging and excavations take place they help reduce the risk of cable strikes from buried services

An essential safety item for some site personnel, Cable Locators increase site safety and help reduce costs by avoiding buried utility strikes. Survey Connection supply Radio Detection Cable Locators and Accessories as well as C-Scope Cable Locator models, that when used along with the correct signal transmitter (sometimes known as a Genny or Signal Generator) and appropriately trained staff (see our training section for details of courses on cable location) will help you accurately locate buried cables and pipes.

Survey Connection supply a range of cable location products for both Sales and Hire, including Analogue or Digital Cable Locators, Signal Generators, Sondes (Mice),Signal Inducers, Cable Clamps and specialist Precision Locators with advanced functions including depth indication to locate signals directly radiating from metallic surfaces or signals induced into the pipe or cable.

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