Leica Chargers for Lasers, Total Stations and GPS Systems

The complete range of Leica Geosystems chargers for all Leica instruments including Lasers, Total Stations and GPS Systems are available from Survey Connection.

The reliable supply of power to surveying equipment forms is one of the most important requirements for all surveying tasks in the field. For batteries to have a long service life, retain their performance and operate without malfunctions, they must be correctly maintained, stored, charged and discharged. Incorrect handling of batteries and chargers can lead to malfunctions or premature loss of capacity of the batteries.

Leica Geosystems currently provides quick chargers as a matter of preference that ensure, thanks to the latest charging technology, appropriate charging and long life of the batteries. Leica chargers are divided into two product lines. The Professional Series for the highest of demands and functionality, and the Basic Series as a simple, low cost alternative. For batteries with 5-pin charging sockets, a simple, low cost normal charger with reduced functionality is still offered.

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