Survey Tripods

High quality Survey Tripods from Leica Geosystems provide the stable platform for your surveying observations. A variety of instrument tripods are available to cater for lightweight levels and lasers through to more heavy duty tripod models that can safely support heavier instruments such as Theodolites and Total Stations.

The correct choice of tripod is essential to help achieve your instruments stated accuracy requirements. Heavy duty tripods can support the torsional twist of Robotic Total Stations and maintain position stability for accurate measurements. Precise Tripods with ridgid leg designs are suitable for precise levelling or precise Total Station measurements as these precision tripods offer a very stable platform to works from. Our range of Rising Tripods are used extensively with Lasers to provide a simple way of matching a Laser Line to a Site level, or to get a Laser up high and away from line of sight for comfortable use by all on site.

Lightweight Tripods are used with smaller instuments such as Levels and Cross Line Lasers for fast, simple yet accurate setups.

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